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29. Is Darcel the new Palomar?

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Darcel è dappertutto, da Colette al NY Times, dalla metro di Londra al tuo iPhone. Noi l’abbiamo acchiappato, guardato nell’occhio e intervistato.

Darcel è un omino piccolo piccolo (e molto rotondo) fatto solo di sguardo, proprio come lo era, nella mia immaginazione e nella sua sostanza, il Palomar di Italo Calvino. Darcel “guarda” e io credo che “guardare” sia davvero un lavoraccio. Darcel nasce, un pomeriggio come tanti altri, dalla mano di Craig Redman, l’illustratore australiano che ha fatto di New York la sua big city. Ho incontrato Darcel tra le pagine del francesissimo Colette, poi l’ho inseguito nel suo blog e infine ho intervistato il suo papà, Craig. Mi piaceva farvela leggere in inglese, così com’è nata, perché siamo a NY, proprio a NY.

Who is Darcel?
Darcel is a character I created when I first moved to New York. I decided I wanted to start a blog so I could remember all my hilariously naive observations about the city, and since my writing skills are nonexistent I thought it should be an illustrated blog.

Why would a character with only one eye?
I created Darcel in one afternoon, I wanted a character that was as visually simple as possible, one that I could contort into any position and scenario very quickly. Consequently there wasn’t much thought put into his design, I guess one eye was easier to draw than two.

Is Darcel your eye on NY?
Totally, Darcel is me and I am him. He does everything I do, but he sometimes reacts to it in a more exaggerated way.

The man with one eye lives in NY and he is a disappointed man. But he loves strong colours. Is this a positive message for us?
To me the colors represent a kind of hopeless optimism – the desperate hope that things will be ok, even thou I’m constantly disappointed by everything – both in myself and the stuff around me.

What color would you give to your irony?
Er, black?

The man or woman you would like to be represented by a Darcel?
Recently I’ve been imagining James Ransone as the voice of Darcel for some reason.

During the fifteen years of Colette, Darcel has become more than 150 characters from the world of fashion. Darcel has become a little Parisian in this job?
Darcel has been very lucky to explore a lot of Paris in the last couple of years, all thanks to the lovely folks at Colette. Sarah from Colette discovered the blog right at it’s inception and has been an amazing supporter ever since.

If Darcel did not live in New York, where he would live?
He can live anywhere, his misfortunes and adventures in New York are applicable to all the big cities in the world – I think he could even cope with a countryside retreat 😉

Looking Darcel, I think: ok, it’s me. Has anyone ever told you that? (I think you say: yessss!)
Ha, yes. I think that’s what makes it fun to watch him, he goes through the same stuff we all go through – from banal activities to complex emotions. The stuff that sometimes isn’t sensational but deserves just as much attention as being wildly in love, for example.

Monica Marchioro

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Copywriter, Direttore Creativo. Loves: Italo Calvino, chi legge (da cima a fondo) le bodycopy, settembre, il finale del Cornetto Algida.

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